Kilbank invests in processes, systems & software to get the job done right & on time

Proactive Management

Helps ensure proper expectations are set & met

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Operating System

Ensures good project management

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Monitoring System

Ensures machinery is running properly & efficiently

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Engineering Software

Provides a professional experience for our customers

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About Kilbank

Kilbank Metal Forming & Turning started operations in St. Thomas in 1979, producing screw machine product for local industry, adding a Transfer Press Division in 1991.

Kilbank has expanded our primary facility to 20,000 square feet to accommodate all Screw Machines, Presses (AKA Eyelet Presses), providing better efficiency and material flow. Keeping up with industry and technology, Kilbank added CNC machining and CNC milling capabilities to meet our expanding customer needs.

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CNC Machining

Kilbank added CNC machining and CNC milling capabilities to meet our expanding customer needs.Our CNC centers are equipped for consistency and productivity…

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Multi-Spindle Machining

Screw machining is a mainstay process at Kilbank Metal Forming and Turning; in fact, our business was founded on it. Multi-Spindle machines are great for high production, cost competitive parts…

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Stampings (Transfer Presses)

Kilbank added a Transfer Press Division in 1991.Kilbank Transfer Presses are metal deep draw presses. Kilbank has developed extensive knowledge through the history of our transfer press manufacturing…

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