Multi-Spindle Screw Machines:

Screw machining is a mainstay process at Kilbank Metal Forming and Turning Inc. In fact, our business was founded on it. Multi-Spindle machines are great for high production, cost competitive parts.

Currently we are equipped with:

  • Three 1” Diameter Screw Machines
  • Two 1”-5/8 Diameter Screw Machines
  • Three 1” ¼ Diameter Screw Machines
  • One 5/8 Diameter Davenport

Standard Metals Currently Used:

  • 12L14 CD Steel, 1215 CD Steel, 1018 CD Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Plastic

Standard Operations:

  • Forming, Drilling, Turning, Tapping, Threading, Thread Rolling, Broaching, Counter Sinking, Knurling & Reaming
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Stamping (Transfer Presses)
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