The Kilbank Difference

Proactive Management:

Kilbank is committed to meeting our customers’ and the industry’s expectations in safety, quality systems, product conformity, and delivery. This will be accomplished through an ongoing commitment to continual improvement, team involvement and employee development. Operating our business with our core guiding principles, “Safety First” and utilizing “Quality System” (ISO 9001:2015), ensures that production requirements are continually delivered to meet customer expectations.

Kilbank Proactive Management
Kilbank Proactive Management

Operating System:

Kilbank’s operating system is JobBOSS. JobBOSS is an integrated shop management software package designed to track / schedule and cost jobs from quoting, to shipment to the customer. It allows key office and production staff to manage job information on a daily basis, to aid in customer service and on-time deliveries.

All data is located in a single database, giving networked users simultaneous access to the collective information. This allows decision makers to be informed and aware of what is happening on the shop floor and in the office at all times.

Monitoring System:

Kilbank utilizes eNETDNC monitoring system. This system provides data to help us make more informed production management decisions. Operator log-ins, machine status, cycle times, and preventative maintenance information can be monitored in real-time and stored for export in Excel or Access for further analysis.

When a machine is down, the operator puts in a code corresponding to a predetermined list of reasons. An alert can then be sent to specific distribution lists, via e-mail or text message. Real-time monitoring also tracks how often a machine is operating during a shift, holding operators accountable for their production rates. By requiring operators to log in to the machine, management can more accurately track labor costs for a given part number or machine cycle.

Kilbank Proactive Management

Engineering Software:

Kilbank uses SolidWorks and PartMaker software to assist us in our engineering and programming requirements.

SolidWorks is a solid modeling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program.

Kilbank Proactive Management

SolidWorks Key Benefits:

  • Consistent product quality
  • Value analysis & value engineering
  • Shortest possible product development time
  • Improved customer satisfaction

PartMaker Software:

PartMaker enables high precision programming.

PartMaker Key Benefits:

  • Help increase productivity by reducing cycle time
  • Precision programming gives the operator control over their machine and gives them clarity during the programming process
  • Efficient cycle time, with minimal effort
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

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